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A study on user satisfaction towards mobile apps

Mobile Application

user satisfaction towards mobile apps

The mobile application has become the most trendy and handy form for any business to reach many users. As most of the users prefer to use the mobile application rather than the website as the reason is the ease of accessibility. We consider user satisfaction towards mobile apps to be the top priority for any mobile application developer to keep the users.

Factors that lead to user satisfaction towards mobile application :


It describes the sum of all aspects of what an application can do for the user. As an Example – For any geo-location-based mobile application, the app should have the functionality to automatically detect the location of the user for ease. Or for any OTP based mobile application, it should have the functionality to auto-detect the OTP from text messages.


It defines how easy and user-friendly is the application. UI/UX should be designed in such a way that it is self-explanatory and an end-user can easily navigate throughout the application with no prior experience.

user satisfaction towards uability of mobile apps


It defines how reliable user satisfaction towards mobile apps is to execute all the features with no failure. We categorize it into – Fault (bugs and warnings) and Failure (errors). Frequently testings (unit, system, and integration testing) should be performed in worst-case conditions with the maximum load to detect bugs and avoid any failure.

user satisfaction towards mobile application


It describes that any mobile application should run perfectly across major mobile Operating Systems (Android and iOS) and across various versions of the iOS i.e. the mobile application has to be cross-platform.

user satisfaction towards mobile apps

Efficient and Effective

Efficiency means the ability to do things right and Effectiveness means the ability to do the right thing. The mobile app should be efficient enough to use fewer resources and provide effective output, avoiding lagging or hanging of the device.


We should secure the mobile application enough to tackle any evil attack. If any mobile app lacks a good level of security, end-users could not even trust to use the app for fear because their accounts could be hacked, and private information could be leaked or mishandled.

Support & Feedbacks

The customer support system/team should be efficient and respond quickly to look over any issue that the end-users are facing.

As mobile applications should continuously evolve with time, adding new features, fixing bugs, strengthening security, optimizing the code. And conduct Application Quality Assurance Surveys to the end-users and work on the feedback, to make the application more user-friendly.

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